1300 metal ink: Alu, galvanized steel sheet, stainless steel, Painted board,glass parts.


1000 Two liquid reactive metal,glass ink: iron,Alu, stainless steel, glass,pottery, thermosetting plastic, so as phenolic aldehyde, Olefins plastic after treated. The undertakes required as acidproof, alkali-resisting,anti-friction, and the product can’t be heating atter printing.


mirror series ink: polyester, All the lucid materials such as PC PVC PMMA.


RIG UV light soild metal.glass ink: metal and glass


PP storage battery ink: PP storage battery box(need to add hot water to warm in cold winter)


500 traffic,road logoes ink: melamine/ acrylic resin Painted surfaces, most suitable for the signboard outdoor/road logoes and transparent reflectors.


HAG series: hard film organic glass. Organic galss. PC.PVC. electroplating pieces.


MS8: treated PP.PE.ABS and so on